Hidden Figures

Few films will ever be able to recreate the joy and brilliance of Hidden Figures.

I simply cannot express enough how hugely uplifting and valiant Hidden Figures is. It resonates pure happiness in the most brilliant of ways. The characters are hugely likeable and their story is exciting and informative. The complete cast show pure cinematic brilliance with every single performance shining so brightly.

Hidden Figures is the true story of Katherine Goble (Taraji P. Henson), Dorothy Vaughan (Octavia Spencer), and Mary Jackson (Janelle Monae). All working at NASA during the space race against Russia, they work tirelessly not just to get an American into space, but to get equal rights for themselves in and out of the workplace.

The speed of the picture’s acceleration is perfect. As it gains its pace, Hidden Figures shows us increasingly how important these women were and still are. Changing laws, changing rights and getting men into space. An incredible accomplishment in the real-life situation but also in producing the story on the greatest of stages.

Hidden Figures Day 41

The surprise that comes with Hidden Figures is the bond and the friendship between the three main women. These aren’t just women fighting for their chances in life, these are friends fighting together. Supporting each other, and showing how they can lead normal lives, however much the American regiment doesn’t want them to.

Its an incredible film of realisation. There is a feeling throughout that these women are on the cusp of something amazing. Not just in their line of work but socially and morally. It is truly wonderful. The three leads are outstanding, connecting together to show how resilient they are together and as individuals. The supporting cast are equally great, and a specific note needs to be given to Jim Parsons for breaking the barrier he set himself up with in the form of Sheldon Cooper.

Few films will ever be able to recreate the joy and brilliance of Hidden Figures. The story is one of amazing hope, the script is bright and educated, the performances are second to none, but most importantly, ‘You’ will leave the cinema with a smile on your face.


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