With a sunglazed tint to the screen, Lowriders is a great showing of what the lowriding scene is about

There is clearly a huge passion behind Lowriders. There is a complete understanding of the Lowriding scene and this gives the film a realistic family edge which it keeps at it’s core. There’s a big sense of togetherness behind the visuals with the main family at the forefront but the wider Lowriding family in the background.

Danny (Gabrielle Chavarria) is a young delinquent who helps his father (Demian Bichir) at his car garage, Coasters. When his brother “Ghost” (Theo Rossi) is released from prisoner opens a new garage to compete with Coasters. Danny is torn between supporting his father and rebelling with his brother, but when “Ghost” asks his to paint a mural on his car for the biggest competition of the year, his mind is swayed.

There is an understanding in the way the cars are shot, there’s an understanding of how the film need to look. With a sunglazed tint to the screen, Lowriders is a great showing of what the lowriding scene is about, and explains itself vividly.

The actual story and the way it’s told isn’t great, but de Montreuil has realised that the film is about the cars. The Lowriders are what the characters live for and are the key part to the films make-up. It’s very rough around the edges and at times it feels like a fairy tale with it’s family values but it works. Thematically there is real value within the film and it even reaches out to ideas of depression in a touching and personal manner.

Lowriders certainly isn’t perfect and perhaps finishing touches would have bolstered the real impact it gives, rather like the cars on screen, but there is a huge heart in Lowriders and it wears it very proudly on it’s wide open chest.


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