Colossal is a perfect example of poor production of a brilliant idea

Colossal is a misshapen picture of strange proportions. There was an obvious, clear path that the film really should have taken, and by not doing so, it set itself up to underwhelm. It’s by no means bad or boring, but the whole film stinks of being a big cover up.

The story follows Gloria (Anne Hathaway) as she moves back to her small hometown from New York when her boyfriend breaks up with her. Meanwhile, a giant monster is attacking Seoul, South Korea and no one can work out where it is coming from. No one apart from Gloria.

There’s such a serious undertone to the film and it really impacts on the comedy. It doesn’t leave room for the jokes to make their impact as it delves into psychological and mental issues surrounding the monster and those who know about it. It’s slow pace doesn’t help but it is padded out by great performances from Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis and a script full of strong dialogue . There is just no escape for Colossal to maneuver into becoming a great film.


However, the idea behind it is one of unimaginable originality. It’s truly remarkable how inventive this story line is. Whether it has taken the wrong path or not, this is a film of pure brilliance in its early stages. Genius can come from anywhere.

Truthfully however, this is a film which possesses such great power but channels it in the wrong way. Deeply underwhelming and uneventful, Colossal is a perfect example of poor production of a brilliant idea. This could have been a masterpiece of modern day comedy-drama, but they avoided that route like there was gridlock on the M4.


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