Transformers: The Last Knight

This isn’t science fiction. This is science farce

It’s stupid. It’s obtuse. It’s degrading. It’s annoying. It’s confusing. It’s contrived. It’s pointless. It’s endless. It’s boring. And it’s still going to have a sequel.

Transformers: The Last Knight is the 5th installment in the Michael Bay directed franchise, Transformers. Cade (Mark Wahlberg) lives in a scrap yard with multiple transformers as they hide from the authorities they are at war with. When Cade is called to London to discover the truth behind and ancient being hidden inside the Earth, his journey takes a very different route altogether.

This is a film with the most obtuse of viewpoints. It simply does not understand relationships and it’s humour is wildly off point. The strong minded female character of Vivienne (Laura Haddock), is an Oxford educated, independent woman, but when Mark Whalberg takes his top off she is rendered speechless. It’s so uneducated and it’s this continuous usage of old views and out of place jokes that completely drag the film down. It’s a series of flashy images littered with inappropriate gags and empty dialogue.

The CGI is naturally good, as it should be with such a ridiculous budget, but that doesn’t mean it’s actually interesting to watch. The scale is so huge that nothing moves very quickly, and it just ends up plodding into misery. Even the car chases are boring. Who cares if Bumblebee is being chased by five nondescript lexus saloons? I certainly don’t.

This isn’t science fiction. This is science farce


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