It struggles for fresh ideas and rehashes old ones in an updated, and outdated manner

Jigsaw is a terrible prequel/sequel that expands the world of Saw but does absolutely nothing in the way of becoming a respected piece of work. It lacks fear, gore, horror and even peril, as it trundles along dramatically as if it were a damsel looking for attention.

When bodies start to appear across town, detectives must decide whether they are the result of a killer who was presumed dead or a copycat murderer. With a cruel game playing alongside in an unknown location, there is only a limited time before the players fall victim to the vicious trials they face.

There is nothing clever or interesting about Jigsaw, or even vaguely entertaining, as it struggles for fresh ideas and rehashes old ones in an updated, and outdated manner. Jigsaw is massively lacking in any form of intuition and struggles to entertain because of that.


The acting is often subpar, which is only worsened by a thin and wooden script. It feels almost as if the filmmakers knew the name would draw an audience, giving it far less effort than was needed. The franchise needed killing off, not a rebirthing.

Jigsaw doesn’t even manage to reach the “It’s so bad it’s good” scale as it limps over the line of: Pointless sequel #∞. It doesn’t have redeeming features or quirky moments, its just a tediously bad slasher film.


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