Super Troopers 2

It’s stupid to watch, and must have been unimaginably dumb to make

Super Troopers 2 targets such a niche audience it was never going to please anyone but the most hardcore of fans. It’s humour is more childish than almost any films similar to it, and that only goes for the jokes that actually hit the mark. There’s many that don’t.

The film follows a team of officers finding new work after they are fired for their antics in the previous instalment, Super Troopers. However, after a border dispute between the US and Canada, the team are reinstated to take over patrol of the new section of US land. Clashing with the former rangers, the two parties begin to play terrible pranks, pushing everyone towards the edge.

Broken Lizard, the comedy troupe behind the films, seem to play off each other incredibly well, and if they managed to actually promote a decent sense of humour instead of the one they do, Super Troopers 2 might have become a worthwhile experience. There is so much messing, play-acting and stupidity, the film often forgets to be funny.

It does feel like a colossal waste of resources. Not in the sense that it’s terrible, but in the way it doesn’t do what it should do. It replaces humour with stupidity, and jokes with swears, dumbing down for an audience that they don’t give enough credit to.

It’s stupid to watch, and must have been unimaginably dumb to make. Surely, with the huge cast it has, not all of them found it as funny as Broken Lizard did. Perhaps being directed by one of its members, there were no constraints put on an already wild film. It doesn’t work, and comes off looking remarkably foolish in the process.



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