Ordinary Love

The film becomes the manifestation of normality, and how in truth normality simply doesn’t exist

Falling into its element effortlessly, Ordinary Love is a beautifully touching piece of cinema with both an incredible heart and an amazing sense of reality. Presented by the wonderful partnership of Lesley Manville and Liam Neeson, the sheer power of the feature’s normality is astounding, and the gripping yet relaxed nature of the testing proceedings is truly heartbreaking. With nothing to understand except the purest of emotions, Ordinary Love is one of 2019’s most relatable and stunning works of cinema.

When Joan (Lesley Manville) discovers she has breast cancer, her struggle becomes shared with husband Tom (Liam Neeson) as the pair look to each other for strength, despite their differences in how to deal with grief and the most troubling moments of life.

Ordinary Love 2

Directed by duo Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn, there’s a clear effort throughout Ordinary Love to ensure the repetitiveness and personability of everyday life moves gracefully through the entire piece. Fighting cancer is an incredibly personal battle, different for each of those affected directly or indirectly, and understanding and conveying that is vitally important in a story so precious. The film becomes the manifestation of normality, and how in truth normality simply doesn’t exist.

Almost solely revolving around Manville and Neeson, Ordinary Love contains such heart and beauty, becoming near impossible to imagine anyone else in the roles. Their command and ability within the relationship dynamic is both extraordinary and heartbreaking, truly supplying an entirely immersive drama. 

Offering a feeling so close to cinema of the past, there’s a love of character and life embedded within Ordinary Love’s core that simply cannot be pulled out. With simplistic directing and cinematography open to finding beauty within anything, Ordinary Love follows the mantra of its title, becoming one of 2019’s quietest and most unassuming features, and in the process, one of its best.


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