January 2017 Films Ranked


14. XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage

Stupid film, with stupid acting and a stupid script


13. Assassin’s Creed

It is an over indulged mess and no amount of special effects and fight sequences can hide the fact that Hollywood still hasn’t learned from its mistakes


12. Live By Night

It is not entirely flawed but it is mostly


11. Denial

The subject matter lends itself to a great film, but it needed to be approached differently


10. Sing

A film of singing and partying animated characters was not needed. Not now, not ever


9. Split

Split does just enough to cover up some more of its major flaws without being defined by them


8. Silence

The sense of the unknown that Scorsese creates, especially in the opening sequences, is not only majestic but it’s authoritative


7. La La Land

Part genius, part novice, La La Land manages to create a musical of modern day joy, without really being a musical at all


6. Lion

Lion has a deep, important message, and one that needed to be told to a global audience


5. Jackie

Natalie Portman has the film absolutely under her spell. Her performance is simply magnetic


4. Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw ridge is an emotional flood, Andrew Garfield is simply heroic, and Mel Gibson has created a brutal realisation of the true horrors of war


3. A Monster Calls

It is a fantastic piece of cinema that will not just stand as being deeply moving, but one that teaches and explores ideas humans will always find difficult to cope with


2. T2 Trainspotting

They are brought forward, their lives are brought forward and it genuinely feels like 20 years have passed


1. Manchester By The Sea

Affleck’s performance is almost like pandora’s box. Bleak and motionless on the outside, yet we know inside there is so much more

Films not reviewed: Underworld: Blood Wars, The Bye Bye Man, Christine